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Austin tutoring kansas city tutoring philadelphia tutoring seattle tutoring miami tutoring memphis tutoring pittsburgh tutoring salt lake city tutoring las vegas tutoring detroit tutoring. Teachers should be aware that this activity is designed to be teacherled and. For webquest or practice, print a copy of this quiz at the louisiana purchase webquest print page. Publications, we would like to welcome you to the louisiana purchase, one. Louisiana purchase map worksheet with answer key by social. Map of a map of the united states showing the extent of the country prior to, and after the louisiana purchase from france in 1803.

Eleventh graders examine reasons for louisiana purchase and identify those who played key roles in it, create map of louisiana purchase and states that are part of it, and analyze overall importance of louisiana purchase. Louisiana purchase worksheet word search teaching resources. Before you begin the lesson for the day, write the section. Doubling the size of the united states without losing any american lives paved the way for purchasing other territory. Now that the louisiana purchase had been made, learning about the territory became even more important. In this lesson, students will read about and understand the key events in the. In 1803, napoleon offered to sell the entire louisiana territory to the. Use the maps on textbook page 320 and in the atlas to locate the following bodies of water, landforms, territories, cities, and routes of explorers.

Label the states in 1804 using present day abbreviations 2. The louisiana purchase is the largest land acquisition in american history. Louisiana purchase history, map, states, significance. Students trace the outline of the map of the us plus the two rivers using the map given out in class. Most of the lesson focuses on the louisiana purchase. The louisiana purchase map directions use the textbook pages i o i i o to complete the following map. Orleans and the rest of its louisiana territory to france. What country was in control of new orleans in 1762 b.

The louisiana purchase key terms and people expedition meriwether lewis william clark continental divide zebulon pike the louisiana territory the missouri river passes through a rich fertile and one of the most beautifully picturesque countries that i ever beheld. In this mapbased lesson, students learn the historic importance of the mississippi river and why the u. Why does jefferson believe that the fact that spain ceding louisiana and florida to france works most. Two later agreements formalized the boundaries of the louisiana purchase. Printable louisiana maps state outline, parish, cities. Written for 7th grade, but can be differentiated for any level. Transparency of the louisiana purchase completed map student copies of the black line map of the new territory color pencils student copies of the dbq ii procedures day one a. Interesting facts and fun activities related to the louisiana purchase. Jefferson and the louisiana purchase america in class. Thirteen more states were eventually organized on the land acquired by the louisiana purchase. Copies of louisiana purchase timeline copies of louisiana purchase documents a and b transparency of document a louisiana purchase graphic organizer plan of instruction. Vocabulary learn definitions by exploring how words are used in context.

The louisiana purchase was one of thomas jeffersons greatest contributions to the united states. The louisiana purchase and exploration jefferson purchased the louisiana territory in 1803 and doubled the size of the united states. States, there was a great deal of activity further west. They will learn about the louisiana purchase in 1803 to make and evaluate predictions about the. The louisiana purchase questions and answers discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you. Even today, the louisiana purchase in 1803 still ranks as one of the best real estate deals in history.

Jefferson chose a young officer, captain meriwether lewis, to lead the expedition. Louisiana purchase of 1803 free american history lesson. All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the page at louisiana purchase. Docsteach is a product of the national archives education division. Video and map activity use your notes, text, and reliable web research to complete the following activity. The purchase doubled the size of the united states, greatly strengthened the country materially and strategically, and provided a powerful impetus to westward expansion. Louisiana purchase and map of the louisiana purchase.

The impact o the louisiana purchase teacher version activity description students will examine population density maps of the united states during the 1800s. In this easy to understand brochure, students will read to learn about the lewis and clark expedition of the louisiana purchase. At the beginning of the class the students will watch a video on the louisiana purchase. A map of the louisiana purchase in 1803 varsity tutors. The map including florida cession from spain louisiana purchase from france texas annexation mexican cession gadsden purchase from mexico oregon country annexation from great britain and other territorial gains from 1783 to the louisiana purchase was a turning point for the us. The impact of the louisiana purchase teacher version. Chapter section 2 the louisiana purchase and exploration name date 10 outline map activities the louisiana purchase a. Louisiana purchase louisiana purchase lesson plan central historical question. Louisiana purchase, western half of the mississippi river basin purchased in 1803 from france by the united states. Louisiana purchase printable k 8th grade teachervision. Use color pencils markers maybe used for outlining only.

In general, food products that contain alcohol or tobacco, items that are not intended for human consumption e. Instead of using your browsers print button click the button above the lesson share. The answers to all activities and quizzes are at the end of the lesson. In 1800, when the armies of french ruler napoleon bonaparte moved across europe, pressuring spain into a corner, the territory of louisiana new orleans and a huge slice of land controlled by spain in the now central united states an estimated 827,987 sq miles in size was ceded back to france by spain via the treaty of san ildefonso. Then label them on the outline map on the back of this page. Follow the directions to draw the formal boundaries on the map.

Spain were negotiating for ownership of the louisiana territorythe. In the mean time we talk about louisiana purchase worksheets 4th grade, scroll down to see some related photos to complete your references. Deanna jaroszeski frostproof middle\ senior high school i lesson plan summary a. With a stroke of a pen america doubled in size, making it one of the largest nations in the world.

Show the unitedstreaming video on the louisiana purchase. After reading the louisiana purchase, students will. Louisiana purchase map activity, journal notes and reading. In jeffersons map lined study, the two men eagerly planned the trip. The shaded region represents the states and territory already a part of the united states in 1803, prior to the acquisition of the louisiana territory. Students can read independently, with a partner, in a smal. To view the map online, click on the link above and go to page 4 of the pdf. Catered to the fourth and fifth grade, this twopage activity has students cut out the louisiana territory and paste it over a modern day map of the united states to help them visualize its impact on american history. Jefferson and the louisiana purchase map of louisiana, 1805. This map was created by emanuel bowen in 1752, before the french and indian war changed the political geography of north america. Go back in time with this history worksheet and explore u.

This is a map of the united states as it currently looks today. Name block louisiana purchase and exploration map activity. These men were pleasantly surprised when the french offered to sell not just new orleans, but all of louisiana. Louisiana purchase lesson plan by schoolin the kiddos tpt. Create a color key and color the regions on the map for the following territories in north america in 1804. Louisiana purchase stanford history education group. Label the map on the back of this page with the letter of each of the following statements and the name of the area to which the statement is referring. Our mission is to engage, educate, and inspire all learners to discover and explore the records of the american people preserved by the national archives. Louisiana purchase map activity, journal notes and reading like an historian 1.

Louisiana at this time was the entire mississippi watershed so the word louisiana is written across the eastern and western sides of the mississippi river. Exploring the louisiana purchase national geographic society. Louisiana purchase meriwether lewis william clark lewis and clark expedition sacagawea zebulon pike the jefferson era. The louisiana purchase was the acquisition of territory by the united states for 2,140,000 sq km of french territory in 1803. James monroe traveled to france to work with robert livingston. Map coloring activity of the louisiana purchase and a foldable for social studies journal. Simply make copies of the lesson for your students and start teaching. Jefferson and the louisiana purchase a close reading guide from america in class 4 1. The purchase marked an unprecedented use of executive power by president thomas jefferson and evoked strong resistance from federalists.

Map of louisiana and of the river mississippi, by john senex, publisher. Why was the louisiana purchase territory important to the united states. A map of the united states showing the extent of the country prior to, and after the louisiana purchase from france in 1803. The territory of the united states before and after the. Interactive lesson plan about the louisiana purchase. Map of the louisiana purchase in 1803 varsity tutors. Ask class members to label state names and other major geographic features before identifying battle sites. In jeffersons maplined study, the two men eagerly planned the trip. They are easytoprint and work well with almost any printer.

Check your understanding of the louisiana purchase with this interactive quiz and printable worksheet. We use your linkedin profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Students will be able to state the history of ownership for the area acquired by the united states in the louisiana purchase and the prior growth of the nation using an unlabeled map. Louisiana purchase map activity, journal notes and reading like an historian david poss. Use the slides in the topic 2a ppt to help you for this assignment. Use your atlas to locate the following bodies of water, landforms, territories, and cities. The total number of people on earth has been increasing for centuries, and it looks as though that trend will continue into the future. James madison james monroe king louis xiv louisiana territory meriwether lewis napoleon bonaparte thomas jefferson william clark zebulon pike. Learn how thomas jefferson, author of the declaration of independence and a firm believer in the constitution of the united states, managed to possibly illegally double the size of the usa with one purchase from a foreign power while serving as. They find out how the united states acquired the land that made up the louisiana purchaseand just how little anyone knew. The men agreed and signed the louisiana purchase on april 30, 1803.

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