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Judson emissions of carbon dioxide from combustion of fossil fuels, which may contribute to longterm climate change, are projected through 2050 using reduced form models. Share of energy sources in world primary demand by scenario. The world energy outlook weo is the gold standard of longterm energy analysis. All fuels grew faster than their 10year averages, apart from renewables, although. World energy statistics print and pdf world energy statistics provides comprehensive world energy statistics on all energy sources coal, gas, oil, electricity, renewables and waste. The share of renewables for generation of electricity is expected to reach 30 % by 2024. The world bank is working with india on sweeping energy efficiency measures across residential and industrial sectors that aim to avoid lifetime ghg emissions of 170 million tons of co2 and contribute to avoiding an estimated 10 gw of additional generation capacity. Energy consumption an overview sciencedirect topics.

By fuel, natural gas accounted for the largest increment in energy consumption, followed by renewables and then oil. Renewables share of global electricity consumption. Table 1 world energy consumption, population and energy intensity in year 2000 from refs. There is no one global solution to the energy supply issue.

World energy scenarios 10 key messages 1 energy system complexity will increase by 2050. Using recycled aluminum requires about 95 percent less energy than converting bauxite into metal. The cost for this energy is about onethird the total cost of manufacturing aluminum. The use of fossil fuels in developing countries has quadrupled since 1970.

Coal is the default option of the us, china, and india. Household energy and health world health organization. Global energy consumption grew significantly in 2018, spurred by the sustained economic growth and rising demand. According to the us energy information administration eia, us energyrelated co 2 emissions decreased by 2. Natural gas is the second largest energy source and petroleum predominantly heating oil a distant third. Very broadly speaking the more energy we consume, the more stuff we can get, the more places we can, and the faster we can get there. Generalquestions concerning the contents of the report should be referred to john j. Oil demand flattens out in the 2030s, and coal use edges lower. The world energy outlook series is a leading source of strategic insight on the future of energy and energyrelated emissions, providing detailed scenarios that map out the consequences of different energy policy and investment choices. Global status report 2017 world green building council. Residential energy demand is expected to increase to 12. Renewable energy consumption % of total final energy. Although renewable energy is the worlds fastest growing form of energy, fossil fuels to continue to meet much of the worlds energy demand.

According to the iea the total world energy consumption in past years was 143,851 twh in 2008, 3,602 twh in 2005, 117,687 twh in 2000, and 102,569 twh in 1990. In 1965 the bulk of total energy was consumed north america, europe and eurasia collectively, they accounted for more than 80 percent of global energy consumption. Download the bp world energy app explore the world of energy from your tablet or smartphone. The differences in consumption between developing and developed nations worksheet 1. Although energy consumption has increased in these regions since the 1960s, their relative share of the total has declined significantly. International energy outlook 2019 is dedicated to the memory of linda doman. But electricity makes up just 18% of total world energy.

Electricity is the largest energy source for buildings, and that predominance has grown. It covers energy supply and consumption for over 160 countries and regions, including all oecd countries, and more than 100 other key energy producing and. Disparity between countries in the amount of per capita energy consumption. There was a fairly long period until about 2000 where percapita energy consumption was on a plateau. Demand for electricity grows at its fastest rate in modern jazz and unfinished. Meeting both global and regional energy demand will be a challenge. Some parts of the energy sector, led by electricity, undergo rapid transformations. Energy consumption in the united states is projected to increase in all of the enduse sectors, with the demand for transportation energy expected to increase the most 22. Pdf world energy consumption arvind arole academia.

By fuel, energy consumption growth was driven by natural gas, which contributed more than 40% of the increase. It also outlines an integrated way to meet multiple. World energy consumption since 1820 in charts our finite. Limits of energetic determinism glossary antiquity the era of ancient from the. World total energy consumption by region and fuel, reference case, 20182050 a3 world gross domestic product gdp by region expressed in purchasing power parity, reference case, 20182050. Renewable energy is on the rise but still make up a small share of the total global energy consumption about 4 %. Flow definitions supply flow short name definition production indprod refers to the quantities of fuels extracted or produced, calculated after any operation for removal of inert matter or impurities e. China, for example, consumes the most coal in the world and is the third largest consumer of oil. This paper analyses current trends in household energy consumption throughout the world.

The ieo2017 is the first ed ition of this report to include mo del results through 2050, which are available on the ieo page of the eia website. The global energy statistical yearbook is enerdatas free, online application providing global energy statistics through an interactive interface with maps and graphs. Energy consumption should be a maximum of 15 kwhm2 a for heating and cooling, with maximum primary energy consumption of 120 kwhm2a for heating, cooling, warm water supply and electrical current primary energy consumption is the energy consumption of a source of energy plus the amount required for energy regeneration, energy converting and energy sharing. Pdf versions and powerpoint slide packs of the charts, maps and graphs, plus an excel workbook and database format of the data. Figure 2 global buildings sector energy consumption by fuel type, 2010 2016 0,0% 0,5% 1,0% 1,5% 2,0% 2,5% 3,0% 3,5% 0 20. Contacts the international energy outlook is prepared by the ener gyinformationadministrationeia. Pdf versions and powerpoint slide packs of the charts, maps and graphs. Pdf on jun 1, 2016, xiaodong cao and others published building energyconsumption status worldwide and the stateoftheart technologies for zeroenergy buildings during the past decade find. First, primary consumption of energy from oil is now reported in tonnes of oil equivalent where one tonne of oil is defined as 10 gcal gigacalories or 41. In the reference case, world energy consumption totals 736 quadrillion btu in 2040262 quadrillion btu in the oecd countries and 475 quadrillion btu in the nonoecd countries. Enerdata provided data and figures on global energy consumption, production and prices. Today, it takes 20 percent less energy to produce a pound of aluminum than it did 20 years ago. It covers energy supply and consumption for over 160 countries and regions, including all oecd countries, and more than 100 other key energy producing and consuming countries, as well as world totals and various regional aggregates. Eias international energy outlook 2017 ieo2017 presents an assessment of longterm world energy markets.

Global share of energy consumed from renewables 19902016. World historical oil, natural gas, and coal consumption from 1950 to 1964 is estimated from carbon dioxide emissions boden, marland, and andres 2017. In the high economic growth case, world energy use in 2040 is 40 quadrillion bt u higher than in the reference case. Household energy and the millennium development goals foreword 4 acknowledgements 5 further reading 38 annex 39 household energy. The united states energy information administration eia regularly publishes a report on world consumption for most types of primary energy resources. It focuses exclusively on energy consumption within households i. Water draw patterns total hot water usage frequency of water draws. Database documentation 2019 edition 7 international energy agency 3. In the reference case, world energy consumption totals 911 quadrillion british thermal units btu in 2050287 quadrillion btu in the oecd countries and 624 quadrillion btu in the nonoecd countries. Pdf building energyconsumption status worldwide and the. Energy efficiency trends in residential and commercial. Figure 10 shows that world per capita energy consumption was increasing until the late 70s, hitting a peak in 1977.

World history and energy vaclav smil university of manitoba winnipeg, manitoba, canada 1. Consumption year 2000 consumption population in homogeneous group of countries mtoeyr billions inhabs. This analysis will become part of a broader analysis of trends in energy and transportation in 2001. Americans make up less than 5% of the worlds population, but consume.

Despite the consequences of fossil fuels which most famously include global warming the world is hungry for them and consumes them at a rate 100,000 times that at which theyre formed source. The numbers for now and in the future while most educated people know that there are around 8 billion people, very few know how much energy the world uses. This years edition updates the outlooks for all fuels, technologies and regions, based on the latest market. Renewable energy consumption % of total final energy consumption world bank, sustainable energy for all se4all database from the se4all global tracking framework led jointly by the world bank, international energy agency, and the energy sector management assistance program. World energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

This was a period where consumers were shifting from oil to electricity where possible, a process that was typically more. The 2018 edition provides updated analysis to show what the latest data, technology trends and policy announcements might mean for the energy sector to 2040. The world energy scenarios provide the perfect tool for assessing these macrouncertainties and crafting a strategic response, whether you are an energy leader, policy maker or innovator. It is expected that global primary energy consumption will continue to rise, but at a much lower rate than in previous decades. World energy consumption by energy source 19902040. World energy consumption is the total energy produced and used by the entire human. Statistics on production, consumption and trade of oil, gas, coal, power and renewables.

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