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Funding for the distribution of renewable energy activities for middle grades is provided by the florida office of environmental education through the east central. The process of wind energy conversion is completed by wind turbines, wind pumps, and wind mills. Energy basics, energy efficiency and conservation, wind energy. Box 853800 ab amersfoort the netherlands 4 telephone 033 689111. Its purpose is to be fun and educational, encouraging children to. Its a device that efficiently harvests wind energy, and in this activity theyll build one of their own using a lego wind turbine, fan, and energy meter.

Following up on the history of solar power, i thought id run down the history. In one sense, we can understand our wind power technology as modern anyone gazing on acres of turbineflecked landscape would say so. Wind energy a renewable energy source that uses the power of the wind often using wind turbines with propellers to generate electricity geothermal energy a renewable energy source that uses the heat from within the earth to produce steam and hot water to use as power sources. For example, a 1 per cent increase in the wind speed might be expected to yield a 2 per cent increase in energy production. The water used by whitewater rafters has a tremendous amount of energy. Alternative energy sources a number of different energy sources are used every day. Wind when wind turns the blades of a windmill or wind turbine, it spins. Wind energy systems draw on a wide range of disciplines. Work in groups of 3 students with the same handout a, b or c.

It is considered a renewable energy source because there is always wind on the earth and we arent using up the wind when we make energy from it. Wind energy facts, worksheets, history, description. Wind energy is needed to help the world reduce co2 emissions and help prevent climate change. The total amount of economically extractable power available from the wind is considerably more than present human. Students get introduced to the realworld technical tool of a wind turbine propeller attachment. For each description, fill in the word bank to help yourself.

These are readytouse wind energy worksheets that are perfect for teaching students about the wind energy which refers to the process of creating electricity using the wind or air flows that occur naturally in the earths atmosphere. In this wind power lesson, students create models of wind turbines and experiment with changes that will help efficiency. Introduction to wind energy presentation for 9th 12th. Renewable energy resources ii wind energy, hydropower and geothermal energy activity 1. Since early recorded history, people have utilized wind energy. Wind energy worksheets this is a fantastic bundle which includes everything you need to know about wind energy across 19 indepth pages. The wind kinetic energy is captured by the turbine blades and they spin kinetic energy. Download wind energy seminar reports, abstract, pdf, ppt. This is a 10page set of worksheets for the story millicent and the wind by robert munsch. Wind energy student fact sheet page 2 what if the wind doesnt blow. Wind turbines use the momentum of moving air to quietly turn large blades that are attached to the shaft of an efficient electric generator. Sources other than this fossil fuel are known as alternative energy sources and there are several of them being used every day.

These are readytouse wind energy worksheets that are perfect for teaching students about the wind energy which refers to the process of creating electricity using the wind or air flows that occur naturally. The wind energy unit specifically focuses on how electricity is made and explaining how wind turbines work. Projects and an energy note series provides detailed information about renewable en ergy technologies and energy conservation strategies. Wind energy is an energy source that comes from the wind. This will allow students to explore the uses of wind energy, types of turbines, and the history of wind energy. Unlike europe and north america, which have a long history of wind energy 1 23, africa does not have significant amounts of wind power, and as of 2018, it makes up less than 1% of the total. This colorful worksheet will give kids an introduction to wind energy, and then theyll be challenged with a critical thinking question to reflect on what theyve read. Grade 24 readability the wonderful wind very quick reader. Wind energy facts free math worksheets, free phonics. Wind energy works well with new zealands existing hydro resources. The united states installed over 5,200 mw in 2007 and experts are forecasting for as.

Test yourself to see how much you know about wind energy by answering the questions on this worksheet and quiz. Wind power continues to grow around the world as an alternative energy source to fossil fuels. In addition, there is a potential change in the electric power industry to provide a structure which will. Teach your students how we can use the wind to create electricity. Evaluate how much you know about wind energy by taking this dynamic quiz and using the printable worksheet.

Wind when wind turns the blades of a windmill or wind turbine, it spins a turbine inside a generator to produce electricity. But the history of wind power conversion shows us that it is hardly new. Use the amelia dareharts plane keeps getting caught in various winds. Wind energy is one of the fastestgrowing electrical energy sources in the united states. Here youll find lesson plans, links to useful websites, and information on visiting a wind farm. Each group of 3 students has handouts with information about one of the above energy resources.

Chapter 1 fundamentals of wind energy wei tong kollmoren g corporation, ginia, vir usa. There is a vocab list i used with an efl student, and very heavily scaffolded sheet, as well as one aimed at regular skill level. This is a fantastic bundle which includes everything you need to know about wind turbine across 25 indepth pages. Wind turbines are often built as a means to produce energy from a renewable energy source. Exploring wind energy 12 activities department of energy. English esl energy worksheets most downloaded results. The spinning motion generates electrical energy that flows through the leads from the turbine to the genecon. At a time of growing concern over the rising costs and longterm environmental impacts of the use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy, wind energy has become an increasingly important sector of the. Electrical energy from the wall outlet powers the fan kinetic energy. In vestas world you can meet and interact with virtual characters to find out about the history of wind energy. Renewable energy lesson plan and printable worksheets. Renewable energy resource worksheets could be used for revision, or as a research aid when making the posters template also added seperately.

Six worksheets energy model, equipment data, cost analysis, greenhouse gas emission. They will ask ten people the same set of questions so that they can compare their answers. Solar this is the conversion of sunlight into electrical energy using mirrors and boilers or photovoltaic cells, commonly seen on house roofs. Energy resources student worksheets susana amoros ortega 15 ies torre vicens lleida lesson 5. Search the history of over 424 billion web pages on the internet. About this pack this childrens pack has been produced to provide children aged 711 with information about wind and wind energy. Wind energy technology has made substantial advances, but the competing technologies have also improved and the competitive situation has changed as the available supply of inexpensive natural gas has significantly increased. Everyone has felt wind before, but understanding how it moves around can be very complicated. She is caught in a wind that blows toward the equator from about 30 n and 30 s of the equator.

A collection of english esl worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and english classes to teach about energy, energy. Wind energy has experienced a very rapid growth in the last few years and the majority of predictions speculate a similar scenario also for the near future. Wind turbines and wind farms in order to make electricity from wind. We decided to build on that interest and learn a little bit about what wind is and how it works. Biomass biomass uses natural materials like trees and plants to make electricity. A wind turbine is a device with a horizontal and vertical axis that converts wind kinetic energy into useful electrical energy. They happen during hurricane season, which is from june 1st until november 30th in the atlantic ocean and from may 15th until november 30th in the pacific ocean. It uses the energy website from the us dept of energy listed on the worksheet. Wind power is a good source of electricity because it is a renewable source and is constantly replenishing itself.

Wind energy has been used for millennia for historical overviews, see. Download wind energy seminar reports, ppt, pdf, wind energy seminar topics, abstracts, full documentation, source code. Il 7 wind energy manual, describing the energy transformations in detail. Small changes in wind speed produce greater changes in the commercial value of a wind farm. My kids have always been very interested in weather and love to check it each morning before school. Handbook on renewable energy sources 4 financial evaluation prof. It propelled boats along the nile river as early as 5,000 b. Incentives in europe have resulted in a large expansion of wind energy use there. These are 15 questions about wind energy to help students understand all about wind energy. Introduction to wind energy basic and advanced introduction to wind energy with emphasis on water pumping windmills by. This introduction to wind energy presentation is suitable for 9th 12th grade.

These are readytouse wind turbine worksheets that are perfect for teaching students about the wind turbine which is a device with a horizontal and vertical axis that converts wind kinetic energy into useful electrical energy. History what were some of the earliest uses of wind energy. Through handson inquiry investigations, reading nonfiction text, and critical thinking activities, students will learn about the physics of wind, the history of harnessing winds energy, and how we harness winds energy today. New zealand is a windy country a wind turbine here will produce electricity for about 90% of the time. Some energy sources have non energy uses, for example coal or natural gas can be used as a feedstock in fertilizer plants. This working paper looks at the business history of the wind energy industry. As other sources of nonrenewable energy are used up, new forms of energy need to be developed to ensure we dont run out of electricity. Historical trajectories and corporate competences in wind energy. One of the biggest benefits is that wind power is a clean energy, meaning it does not. Handson activities that provide a comprehensive understanding of the scientific, economic, environmental, technological, and societal aspects of wind energy to secondary students.

The rising concerns over global warming, environmental pollution, and energy security have increased interest in developing renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources such as wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal, hydrogen. Wind power is energy, such as electricity, that is generated directly from the wind. The wind turbine is created by prof james blyth of andersons college. As cultures harnessed the power that wind offered, the use of windmills spread from persia to the surrounding areas in the middle east, where. Il 4 a very comprehensive and detailed history of wind energy. Any prospective user, regardless of his background, will feel large gaps in his knowledge, areas where he does not even know what the question is, let alone where to go look for the answer. The unit also explores the benefits and environmental impacts of wind energy and provides insight into why societies must make good decisions about using natural resources. These are readytouse wind turbine worksheets that are perfect for teaching students about the wind turbine which is a device with a horizontal and vertical axis that converts wind kinetic energy into. Jozef gajdos he graduated at university of economics faculty of business administration. China has invested heavily in wind energy and is now the worlds largest wind electricity generator. For the extension, i gave them individual sheets with the question. Natures wildest storms by erin ryan you may already know that hurricanes are major tropical storms that can cause devastating waves, wind, and rain. It can also use waste products which produces methane.

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