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Ross kemp was targeted by isis snipers while filming new show. Fortunately, the eastenders actor and the makers of his latest sky1 documentary, the fight against isis, were. Ross kemp heads to iraq and syria, where he follows kurdish forces in their fight against islamist rebels, and comes face to face with isis jihadists. The fight against isis this thursday, 9pm on sky one got a story. Weve decided to keep guardian journalism free for all readers, regardless of where they live or what they can afford to pay. They help each other, so there is not much difference. In order to get to safety he must keep low and continue crawling forward away from the.

Interview with najibullah quraishi behind taliban lines. Ross takes a rest with kurdish fighters during a lull in the fighting image. Ross kemp has recalled how he and his crew were shot at by isis fighters while filming his new documentary. Ross kemp has recalled how he and his crew were shot at by isis fighters while. Ross lets the camera know just how close he came to being struck credit. But there is no difference between taliban and hezbiislami. Sign up for free now and never miss the top royal stories again. Ross kemp was shot at by isis sniper while filming his. Ross kemp talks facing down isis and shares heartbreaking stories of his time in iraq and syria. A sunni stronghold, it is about a fifth the size of mosul. T he focus has been on westerners going to syria and iraq to join isis, but a smaller, lesswellpublicised number are going to fight against it. This version also features footage not featured in the original broadcast.

Ross heads to syria, where he experiences the kurdish peoples fight against isis when he is pinned down. Shes a fighter against isis, alongside 10,000 kurdish women. Footage released of when ross kemp was shot at by isis snipers. Inside an afghan unit hunting isis fighters youtube. Ross kemp shot at by isis snipers during filming of documentary. The most notable military breakthrough against isis, so far, has been in ramadi, the capital of volatile anbar province. Video shows sniper grandfather protecting children in syria. Kemp returns to the wartorn country ten years after 911 to investigate how the situation has developed. On ross journey to one of the most dangerous places on earth he witnesses first hand the devastation caused by isis and joins. Kemps mission, as far i could tell, was to get himself. As iraqi forces attempt to retake mosul from isis, ghaith abdulahad joins their elite golden division on the frontline, speaking with civilians.

The fight against isis president obama remarked on the strategy to destroy isis on tuesday, and reacted to trumps criticism of not using the radical islam phrase. See todays front and back pages, download the newspaper, order back issues. Eastenders star ross kemp has revealed that he was shot at by isis snipers while filming for his new documentary ross kemp. The eastenders actor was filming his new documentary ross kemp. The fight against isis is a tv show on australian national television from abc comedy with an average rating of 4. Video shows sniper grandfather protecting children in. The islamic state groups physical caliphate in iraq and syria has been destroyed, but the. Isis has overtaken swathes of syria and iraq, subjecting those trapped in areas. The fight against isis shows kemp being forced to run away from the area as snipers fire from a mere 300 metres.

The fight against isis sky one the former eastenders actor visits iraq and syria to follow kurdish armed forces to the front lines of the ongoing fight against the socalled islamic state. The fight against isis was broadcast in october, 2016. The fight against isis is the best thing he and his team have ever done. On the american front line against isis the new yorker. Ross, 51, is told to run for hard cover as the snipers shots. The fight against isis is on thursday at 9pm on sky 1. As were speaking, the loud boom of another round of u. The fight against isis and travelled to syria and iraq in a bid to show those risking everything to combat the evil terrorist.

Whilst in the green zone, ross and the rest of the regiment get pinned down by taliban ak47 and rpg gunfire. Isis latest propaganda video features an isis fighter with a slung u. In the past year, the united states has carried out more than 8,000 strikes against isis targets in syria and iraq, and mr. Iraqs air force carried out strikes against islamic state in neighboring syria, the countrys prime minister haider alabadi said, marking a dramatic escalation in its effort to fight the. A summarised version of the fight against isis, featuring footage shot in syria only. The fight against isis sky1, he travelled to parts of iraq and syria only recently taken back from isis by kurdish forces.

The terrifying moment ross kemp was almost killed by isis. War documentary hosted by ross kemp, published by bskyb in 2016 english narration. In this special from ross kemp we see him travel across iraq and syria in order to meet up with the kurdish forces who are confronting and beating isis on the battlefield. The fight against isis ross kemp documentary youtube. A rare look at the fight against isis from the mediterranean sea its very, very important, stressed saadi. Ross kemp was almost killed in a syrian trench by isis. Ross kemp talks facing down isis and shares heartbreaking. The fight against isis 2016 an amazing documentary about the ongoing struggle between isis and the kurdish forces.

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